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Mustelids gain their name from the musk gland under their tail. The gland adds a unique bouquet to their droppings - important for marking territorial boundaries.

What's New, Pussycat?

New sights around Amblonyx...

Amblonyx has been ENHANCED for 2010!

We've filled a lot of gaps, changed our host, and generally tidied up. We've decided to stop picking out otter-related news stories, as you can all do a Google News search for "otter" just as easily as us!

Please enjoy our site!

For those who have visited before, we have added these bits and pieces:

  • Lots of new pictures in the Gallery
  • Factsheets for the North American River Otter
  • Updates to lots of other factsheets with more recent conservation status
  • Reference updates, adding a few new links and making sure the list of otter sanctuaries is up-to-date

This page was last updated on 22nd March, 2010.