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Hairy-nosed Otter
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  • Hairy-nosed Otter : Distribution

    Lutra Sumatrana

    Rare breed

    In 1998 the hairy-nosed otter was believed to be extinct. Then it was rediscovered in Thailand and Vietnam. Now it has also been identified in wild parts of Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia. It is an extremely rare and elusive species, and may also be living hidden in other parts of Southeast Asia.


    Both in Thailand and Malaysia the otter has been found in peat swamp forests and this is now believed to be its primary habitat. The swamplands provide reed beds for hiding, open swamps and canals for foraging and dry tree-covered banks for holts and laying up. They have also been rediscovered on the lake of Tonle Sap in Cambodia. The hairy-nosed otter has also been reported from shallow coastal waters, mangroves in Indonesia and inland forests at higher elevations.