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Hairy-nosed Otter
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  • Hairy-nosed Otter : Conservation

    Lutra Sumatrana

    Going, going, gone... not gone!

    Having been pronounced extinct in 1998 and then rediscovered more recently, this is one of the rarest species of otter on the planet! It is likely to be habitat destruction which has wiped out most of its prior range across Southeast Asia and Indonesia - although we don't know enough to be sure.

    Presently, these otters are threatened by farmers who see them taking fish from their traps and nets and so try to kill them. There is also an illicit fur trade which gives them another incentive to hunt the otters.

    One little otter from Tonle Sap called Dara has been given a home in captivity. Now if only they can find him a wife, there would be a chance to develop a captive breeding programme! The IOSF Furget-me-not campaign helps look after him.