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Spotted-necked Otter
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  • Spotted-necked Otter : Characteristics

    Lutra Maculicollis

    Lutra maculicollis is one of the three species of African otter, referred to as the spotted-necked otter due to the... spots on its neck. What else did you think?

    Spotty otty

    The spotted-necked otter is between three and four feet long (95 to 117 cms) and weighs 4.5 to 5 kgs.

    They are chestnut brown on top, with much lighter bellies and patterns of dark spots on their necks. No two otters have the same pattern of spots, in common with many other spotted animals. The patterning is so variable between geographical reasons that the spotted-necked otters have been separated into various sub-species in the past.

    These otters have short legs, fully webbed feet and long, strong claws. They are amongst the best swimmers of all the otter species, spending significantly more time in the water than other non-marine species. Guard hairs are 13 to 16mm long and underfur 7mm long.

    Spot the nose

    The nose of this otter is an upside-down trapezoid with small dips on each side.

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