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Spotted-necked Otter
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  • Spotted-necked Otter : Lifestyle

    Lutra Maculicollis

    Secret affairs

    The lovelife of spotted-necked otters is not well known. It is assumed that they have a gestation period similar to other lutras (60 to 65 days) and produce one to three offspring. The usually solitary creatures form small family groups while the young are growing - the mother and often the father take care of the cubs for around a year.

    Personal space

    On rivers the otters typically have a territory of three to eleven kms of river, depending on the quality of the environment.

    A female territory is usually smaller than this, and thus a male territory may overlap with two or more females.

    In good lakeside environments territories of 0.5 to one km are possible. In this case the otters may form larger social groups, between three and ten individuals.

    Just a hole in the bank...

    Spotted-necked otters are mostly aquatic and their holts are almost always in the bankside, reached via an underwater entrance.

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