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Spotted-necked Otter
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  • Spotted-necked Otter : Distribution

    Lutra Maculicollis

    Where in the world...

    The spotted-necked otter occurs throughout Africa south of the Sahara desert. There are populations on the large lakes such as Victoria and Tanganika, and in many other moist environments in the south of the continent. Little is known about how large the populations are through most of this range, however.

    Water Babies

    These otters have not been recorded in coastal environments, only along river systems and lakes. They need permanent and continuous waterways as they are almost entirely aquatic. Clear water with rocks is preferred, and they are typically not found in areas of turbid water or shallow alkali lakes.

    Hidey holes

    Another vital element of habitat for these otters is sufficient vegetation in or beside the water for laying up when resting, and holes in the bank suitable for holts.