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Smooth-coated Otter
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  • Smooth-coated Otter : Characteristics

    Lutragale perspicillata

    Lutrogale perspicillata is similar in many ways to the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra). The species was actually discovered by Gavin Maxwell and many people don't realise that his famous book "Ring of Bright Water" was in fact about a smooth-coated otter, Mijbil.

    Smooth otterator

    The spotted-necked otter has similar measurements to the Eurasian otter - between 100 and 130 cms long, weighing 7 to 11 kgs. They have light to dark brown fur on top and paler fur on their undersides. Feet are webbed, but only up to the second joint.

    They differ mainly in having a very smooth, sleek coat which is almost velvety. Guard hairs are 12 to 14mm long and underfur 6 to 8mm long. Their tails are also rather flatter and broader at the end.


    The nose of the smooth-coated otter is something like an upside-down "V" or a squashed diamond shape.

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