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Smooth-coated Otter
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  • Smooth-coated Otter : Distribution

    Lutragale perspicillata

    Where in the world...

    The smooth-coated otter is found from Indonesia through south-east Asia and into China, India and Pakistan. There is also an isolated population in Iraq. Evidence shows this range to be shrinking, noticable even over a period of only ten years.

    Rice is nice!

    These otters are found in a range of freshwater habitats including forested rivers, coastal mangrove forests, peat swamp forests, lakes and even rice paddies. In Malaysia they are more abundant in mangrove forests that in river systems and rice paddies are thought to be one of the best environments for strong otter populations.

    Staying hid

    Rivers with extensive and continuous vegetation along the bank are much preferred by otters, as are rice paddies with a wide range of other structured vegetation nearby - they like somewhere to hide from nosey humans!

    The smooth-coated otter also prefers moderate to slow flowing rivers and seems most at home in the more stagnant environments.