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Smooth-coated Otter : Diet

Lutragale perspicillata

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Smooth-coated otters take fish, as well as insects, crabs and shrimp, frogs, birds, rats and anything else they can catch. However, fish provide between 75 and 100% of the diet.

In paddy fields they help keep down the numbers of pests that destroy rice plants.

Follow the fish

In the Tarai areas of the upper Gangetic plains in India and Nepal the otters move into the swamp areas when they are flooded following the monsoon season, as the fish population booms. The otters breed there, too, but when the swamps shrink and the fish leave in spring, so do the otters - back to the permenant rivers.

In India and Bangladesh the smooth-coated otter is one of the species tamed and used for chasing fish into the nets of fishermen.

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