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Salmon Run

Medium rare

This is a multiple guess quiz. There is no time limit so take as long as you like! When you are done, press "Give me a salmon" to see how you did.


  1. What was the cause of otter decline in Britain?
    1. Mink
    2. Organophosphate fertiliser
    3. Both
  2. Where will you find the sea cat?
    1. In the English Channel
    2. Off the coast of California
    3. Off the coast of Chile and Peru
  3. In 'Tarka the otter', what kind of animal was Deadlock?
    1. An otter
    2. A hound
    3. A hedgepig
  4. How do otters keep warm under water?
    1. They have thick blubber like seals
    2. They have two layers of fur which act as insulation
    3. Their fur is protected by an oily, water-proof secretion
  5. You can find coastal otters in...
    1. The isle of Skye
    2. The isle of Sheppey
    3. The isle of Wight
  6. True or False. The territory of a female Eurasian otter with cubs is often larger than that of the male otter.
    1. True
    2. False
  7. Delayed implantation of embryo occur in which type of otter?
    1. Eurasian otter
    2. Giant brasilian
    3. North American river otter
  8. What noise can an otter's cry be likened to?
    1. A squeaky wheelbarrow
    2. A telephone ringing
    3. Loud sneeze