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The Eel Test

Easy peasy otter quizzy

This is a multiple guess quiz. There is no time limit so take as long as you like! When you are done, press "Give me a eel" to see how you did.


  1. What family of animals do otters belong to?
    1. Mustelid
    2. Dustbinlid
    3. Rodents
  2. What would an otter like to eat?
    1. Pond weed
    2. Eels
    3. Little children
  3. Which is the most common cause of otter death?
    1. Hunting
    2. Road accidents
    3. Diseases
  4. What are otter footprints called?
    1. Walrus
    2. Manatee
    3. Seal
  5. What is a spraint?
    1. An otter's home
    2. A baby otter
    3. Otter poo
  6. True or False. It is legal to disturb an otter's den as long as the otter is not at home.
    1. True
    2. False
  7. In which continent will you not find a native otter?
    1. Australia
    2. Africa
    3. South America
  8. How does an otter hunt in murky water?
    1. With its whiskers
    2. With its eyes
    3. With a flashlight