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See an Otter

Places where you can see an otter (or two)

Please note we are NOT part of an otter sanctuary, nor are we here to promote a particular zoo or wildlife park. We just try to point fellow otter lovers in the right direction for seeing our favourite animals.

Otter sanctuaries

Otter sanctuaries always seem to be found in the most beautiful parts of the country, a testimony to lutrine good taste! We have never yet found a bad otter sanctuary and they are always worth visiting again and again. Why? Well, because otters are always fun to watch. But also because there are four seasons in a year and so your experience will change. And from year-to-year there will also be a mixture of otters you've met before and newcomers. Some will have cubs, some will just be getting to know each other.

While we could express our opinions on the size and richness of animal enclosures from the animals' point of view, we have tried not to. We're not experts in animal behaviour so we're completely unfit to judge. The general idea would be bigger = better, but there comes a point where no-one will visit your wildlife park because all the attractions are hiding!