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New Forest Otter, Owl and Wildlife Park


Off the beaten track in the New Forest, we have never found such a great collection of native British animals! Quite apart from the otters, there were badgers and hedgehogs and harvest mice (tiny!) and wildcats and pine martens and red deer and red squirrels and many more. Plus a couple of species now sadly extinct in Britain: lynx and wild boars!

There is the main otter house (previously the New Forest Butterfly Farm), with a couple of other inside displays and then behind it a rambling wilderness with animal enclosures around every corner. On the whole the enclosures seemed a good compromise between space for the animals and visibility for visitors.

All three otter species (native Eurasian, American river and Asian short-clawed) had enclosures which combined an indoor section with a large outdoor area. Feeding time was informative and extended to some of the other animals (ferrets, foxes, polecats and mink).

Take three hours to have a really good look at everything, but with such wonderful and active animals you could linger much longer. Feeding for humans was the usual for small wildlife parks while the shop had a good selection of stuff.


New Forest Otter, Owl and Wildlife Park
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