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Literary Otters

Literary Otters

Otter books and films


There are many books about otters out there. Here are the ones on Amblonyx's bookshelves.

Stormforce - An Otter's Tale

David Chaffe, 1999

"Stormforce is the dramatic and true tale of one of Britain's rarest and most beautiful mammals, a bitch otter called Storm. Rescued from a windswept lane on Exmoor before dawn in winter by a postman, she weighed just one pound seven ounces. Stormforce is the remarkable story of her survival."

Stinkerbelle - The Nark

Marna Fyson, 1976

"When the Fysons came from Bangkok to London they brought a charming but devilish Thai otter - Stinkerbelle - whom they had rescued from a market stall. Thus Marna Fyson's subsequent year in London became an absorbing but not to be repeated one."


Paul Chanin, 1993

This is a great little book all about Eurasian otters, specifically otters in Britain. Of course, being published in 1993 it has missed out on the great recent improvements in otter numbers, but it has great detail on how otters live and what threats they face.

A Private Sort Of Life

Bridget MacCaskill, 2002

"It is written in the form of a story by an unseen observer and tells of the lives of two otter cubs, from birth until adulthood, their relationship with their parents and the other otter family on the loch, and their interaction with some of the other creatures there. The book will appeal to everyone with an interest in otters, and all lovers of wildlife and the natural landscape."

On The Swirl Of The Tide

Bridget MacCaskill, 1992

"The story of Bodach, Palethroat and Pinknose unfolded to Bridget and Don MacCaskill over a period of twelve patient years. On the Swirl of the Tide is a vivid and intimate portrait of the lives of otters in the wild, part of which was shared with the cameras for Central Television's Nature Watch series."

Echoes of Camusfearna

Paul and Grace Yoxon, 1997

This is a great little book by Paul and Grace who run the IOSF. Among other reminiscences, they describe the trials and adventures in creating their Field Centre on the Isle of Skye. It gives lots of great perspectives into the challenges of looking after our wild environments.

Operation Otter

Philip Wayre, 1989

"Otters are wild, fascinating and endangered. But thanks to Philip Wayre and his wife Jeanne, they are returning at last to the waterways of East Anglia, Cornwall and other parts of England. From Philip Wayre's first sighting of an otter in a Norfolk dawn and his early filming of otters, this magical story follows his dream."


Bobby Tulloch, 1994

"The late naturalist Bobby Tulloch spent many years living and working among otters on the wild and beautiful shores of the Shetland Islands. In OTTERS he shares his experiences and wisdom about the ways of these fascinating creatures." This book has some truly lovely photographs of otters.

The Otter

Gordon Woodroffe, 2001

This book is one in the Mammal Society series of books. It contains a lot of in-depth information and scientific data about otters in a very small volume.


The World Conservation Union, 1992

This short book describes all the otters of the world, although only briefly. It makes a good introduction.

Sea Otters

Glenn VanBlaricom, 2001

This book is full of fantastic photographs of sea otters, and is a great introduction. It contains a wealth of information on the tubby shellfish scoffers.

Ring of Bright Water

Gavin Maxwell, 1960

A classic tale, all about Gavin Maxwell's time in Scotland with Mijbil, an otter originally from Iraq.

Tarka the Otter

Henry Williamson, 1960

The most classic otter tale of all. This is a very realistic story of an otter's life in the river valleys of Devon, along with the life of the other creatures around him. Because it describes nature so realistically, the tale can be sad at times.


Tarka the otter