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Marine Otter
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  • Marine Otter : Characteristics

    Lontra Felina

    Lontra felina is commonly known as the sea cat or the marine otter (neither name to be confused with those tubby balls of fur - the sea otter). Local Spanish names are Chungungo or Chinchimen.

    Small but perfectly formed

    The sea cat is the smallest marine mammal in the world. They are about three feet long (90cm) and weigh 4.0 to 4.5kg.

    Courtesy of Cristhian Gonzalez, org.chinchimen.chile

    This species of otter is dark brown in colour, with fawn underparts. They have fully webbed feet with strong claws. Long, strong vibrissae on their muzzles and a short tail.

    Their fur is coarse and rough, with long (20mm) guardhairs and soft underfur (12mm). The roughness of the fur is probably due to their habitat of rocky coasts and the crashing surf of heavy seas.


    The nose of the sea cat is covered entirely in fur, with just two slit-like nostrils.

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