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Marine Otter : Lifestyle

Lontra Felina

The basics

The sea cat isn't well known and hasn't been well studied. And all otters are shy and secretive animals, of course. So details of its homelife are rather sparse.

It is mainly diurnal, though also active at dawn and dusk. Like many otters, it is primarily a solitary animal although pairs or trios have been seen hunting together - perhaps mother and grown cubs, as in Lutra lutra. Little is known about territorality in the species.


Mating takes place typically in December or January, with a gestation period of 60 - 65 days and the cubs being born in February or March. Litters are most usually two cubs, although four and five have been reported. The cubs remain with their parents for ten months, both parents remaining together to raise them. When young, the mother often swims on her back with the cubs carried on her belly.

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