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North American River Otter
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  • North American River Otter : Characteristics

    Lontra Canadensis

    American otters

    The North American River Otter is the only otter found in the rivers of North America. It is similar in most ways to the Eurasian otter, including size and weight. They range between 5 and 14 kgs (11-30 lbs) and can be over 1 metre (42 inches) in length. Females are typically smaller.

    These otters are brown furred, with a lighter patch beneath the chin and throat. They have the same long and sleek mustelid body as other otters, with partially webs paws for swimming and a long muscular rudder.

    Honk honk!

    North American river otters have big noses! Well, compared with the similar sized Eurasian otter anyway. The rhinarium has an obtuse triangular projection.

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