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North American River Otter
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  • North American River Otter : Distribution

    Lontra Canadensis

    Coast to Coast

    The river otter is found right across North America, from the east coast to the west and from northern Canada and Alaska down to the Everglades of Florida (where we have seen them in the wild!). The species also exists in Mexico. They are not currently endangered, although there are pressures on habitat more or less in all parts of their range, and they may be almost absent from some of the Midwestern states of the USA.

    River Otters live in...

    Rivers! Also lakes and other wetland areas. The North American River Otter has also adapted to coastal habitats like the Eurasian otter in Scotland. They will live in most kinds of wetland environment where fish are plentiful, though as with most otters they do not like polluted water and this has fragmented their range a lot, especially in east and midwest USA.