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North American River Otter : Diet

Lontra Canadensis

Chomp chomp chomp

The river otter's preferred diet is fish, and they can eat up to 1.5 kgs or 3 lbs of fish in a day! They are not fussy, though, and will also eat frogs and toads and turtles and birds and crabs and beetles and small mammals. Crayfish in particular are a favourite where available, sometimes making up to two thirds of the otter's diet.

Easy Fishin'

Where fish are plentiful, the otters prefer an easy time of it and will prey mainly on slow-swimming species. These include carp, bass, sunfish, suckers and catfish. Fast swimming game fish like trout, pike and salmon are usually left alone, except when they are spawning and so rather distracted and more easily caught.

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