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Giant Brasilian Otter
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  • Giant Brasilian Otter : Characteristics

    Pteronura Brasiliensis

    Big Otters

    Known to South Americans as "Lobo del Rio" - the river wolf, The Giant Otter is, as its name suggests, the largest of the world's otters (although tubby Sea Otters are occasionally heavier). A male otter can reach 2 metres (6 feet) long and weigh up to 32kgs. The females are smaller, typically weighing around 26kgs.

    The Giant Otter has a round head with ears set low on the head and so small they are barely noticeable. Underwater they are able to close their ears and nostrils. The eyes are large and acute, the legs are muscular and the feet are completely webbed. The tail of the Giant Otter is long and flattened. Their fur is a dark burnt umber above, with a unique white mark on the throat which can be used to identify individual members of the species.

    The nose knows

    Unfortunately this otter's nose is covered in fur and all you can see is the two slit-like nostrils.

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