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British Wildlife Centre


The British Wildlife Centre is a small wildlife park in the Sussex countryside with a very good collection of native British wildlife. Their collection is very complete - if you have the patience, you might see weasels, water shrews, red squirrels, grass snakes, water voles, Scottish wildcats, foxes, moles and of course otters! Many other animals too. You definitely need patience, as the enclosures have generally been well designed to give the animals plenty of hiding places and shy creatures like water voles take full advantage of this! However, many of the animals do seem very aclimatised and happy to be on show. The adders were slithering around in their open enclosure and the wildcats weren't hiding.

The otters here were real stars, though. They only keep native Eurasian otters, of course, and they have four at the moment. Two of them were as playful as Asian short-claws! They have large, attractive enclosures and big, deep ponds. Clearly at home and very comfortable with all the visitors.

This is a very pleasant sanctuary, though only open to the public at weekends and during school holidays. On other days keen photographers can pay to spend the whole day there with closer access to the animals, something we tried and enjoyed our day out immensely (see the Gallery for images).


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