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Asian Small-Clawed Otter
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  • Asian Small-Clawed Otter: Characteristics

    Aonyx Cinerea

    The Aonyx Cinerea is commonly known as Asian small-clawed otter or simply, CUTE. In Indonesian, they are Memerang or Berang-berang Kecil.

    Is this an otter I see before me?

    You'd better believe it! The Asian small-clawed otter is the smallest of the 13 otter species in the world. They are about two feet long (65cm) of which over 1/3 is the distinctive tapering otterine tail. They weigh 6-12 pounds.

    As with all otters, you can probably smell them before you see them.

    Mirror mirror

    This species of otter is dark brown to grey-brown in colour, with paler underparts. The chin, throat and sides of the neck are cream-coloured. This color is sharply separated at the head from the rest of the body, but blends smoothly at the chest. Their hair consist of guard hair and underfur.

    As their name suggests, the Small-clawed Otters have rudimentary claws that are blunt and do not project beyond the tips of its fingers and toes. The digits are partially webbed, usually only up to the first joint. This is because this species of otter are adapted to hunt in the shallows, so they don't need the ability to swim very fast.

    Sure-fire identification

    Just take a look at the nose! The nose of the Aonyx Cinerea is like a trapezoid that has a point at the longest flattest side. The nostrils are located in the bottom side parts of the nose.

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