Holt of Amblonyx otter

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If you're looking for otters, you've come to the right place! Look, here's one:

Can you imagine anything cuter? But as well as cute, otters are fascinating animals perfectly adapted to their life as aquatic hunters. They are also important indicators of a healthy environment. A river with otters in is a healthy river! Many of the different otter species are very rare in the wild now, a terrible shame as they are truly wonderful animals.

We love otters. We've tried to create a site which combines facts and fun in equal measure. Some of the best places to start looking are: the quick guide, for some vital statistics about otters, then learn some of the more quirky facts surrounding them. We've got a gallery of photos we've taken ourselves and we've scoured the internet for other websites about otters. There's also a section on where to see them in the UK. There's lots more too - keep exploring!

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